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Can’t say enough about our positive experience with John Short! His knowledge of the real estate industry saved us from multiple pitfalls, missteps and disappointment, as well as saving us time and money.
Bill & Fritzi W

It took us 10 offers and viewing well over a hundred homes before finding, and getting, the one for us. Through the entire process in all of our attempts and finally succeeding John was the best person we could have hoped for to helps us through it. He worked tirelessly and would always go well above and beyond to help us in every aspect. From tracking down sellers and getting us in to see a property to making sure that our VA loan had a fair chance, he worked harder than we ever could have asked or hoped for. He was always accessible and constantly stayed in contact to keep us up to date at all times. His expertise and negotiating skills were central to us closing. After working with John for four months closing on our house was bitter sweet, while we were getting the house we dreamed of we were losing someone who had become part of our life.
Siva K

If you had a column better than excellent, I would check that for all of the above adjectives. He not only fulfilled all of my expectations and addressed my insecurities, he actually mowed my lawn to keep the house presentable.
Rick B

John Short is a standout in this competitive real estate market. Our home buying experiencing was short and concise. We would highly recommend him because he always put our concerns first and always put our worries at ease. We felt John Short was always ethical and held himself to high-performance standards. John Short was always accessible and communicated when he said he would. We couldn’t have had a better experience. Thank you John for helping us obtain a house in a dream location that will be our family for many years to come!
JiSun Y

John Short… what could one say about John, well, it was by far one of the best experiences when looking for homes, dealing with other agents, communication at all times and during each step of the process. I would put John on the list as “one of the good guys” if there is still that belief in this business world we live in today. I know when it’s time to look again, I’ll need to make one phone call.
David H

John was recomended by my contact at BECU. John was fantastic and went above and beyond in all aspects of helping us find a new home! We were extremely happy working with him! Thanks John!!!
Evan H

We were very happy and impressed with John Short. He was extremely professional, prompt, knowledgeable and we could reach him with questions or issues any time of the day or night. He listened to what we wanted and offered assistance that really helped us. This is the first time we have ever sold a home. John not only made it easy for us, he also made it fun. He’s the best. We would highly recommend John to anyone wanting to sell their home.
Tod & Gina D

John is the first agent I’ve ever worked with so I don’t have much to compare to, but I think he’s probably one of the best agents out there. He has a lot of experience with houses (building, buying, selling, etc) and can tell you a bunch of great and terrible things about a house just walking through it.He saved us numerous times from going for properties that needed a lot of work by pointing out what needed fixing from the get go and how much it was going to cost us, not even considering the cost of the house. If a house were ever too expensive or needed too much work, he would let us do our thing and check out the place, then lay some truth on us and tell us to flee as fast as we could, explaining why he thought so in the process. We toured a couple of homes that looked great in the photos and ended up having foundational issues, which we never would have noticed if John were not there to tell us.One critique I’ll mention is when we went to tour houses, it was initially assumed that we would take separate cars. I was fine with this because my boyfriend and I could sync up during the car ride about the house we just saw, but others might expect the agent to drive.We worked with him about a month and he was always on top of emails, phone calls and scheduled appointments. He would send me homes that matched my criteria and follow up if I hadn’t already replied with what I thought.John also knows a lot of tricks of the trade and helped us put together the best offers we could that were in our comfort zone and still a good deal for us. He is very thorough and made sure we knew exactly what we were signing and getting ourselves into before he let us near any documents. John worked quickly and effectively with the selling agent of the house we ended up buying and got us a really good deal. I would definitely recommend John for any homebuyers or sellers, but especially for the first time homebuyer.
Elyse M

John is a highly-skilled professional with amazing attention to detail. From studying the comps to arriving at the precise market value of our home to putting together a creative marketing plan, to orchestrating a savvy and insightful approach to contract negotiations, to walking us through each step of the process, we enjoyed the utmost confidence in John. He was a loyal and trusted partner who guided and supported us through one of the most important phases of our lives. We look forward to sharing our experience with John and Berkshire Hathaway with friends and family and will happily refer prospective clients to John Short.
John J

Knowing John for as many years as we have, we trust him, so we knew we would only trust him to help us find the perfect home for our family.
Grabski family

John did a great job with connecting my wife and I and always gave us the straight and honest truth regarding the sales process. There was no sugar coating, which we appreciated. Further, John took care of ensuring that our belongings were shipped to our new residence as we had run into some logistics issues with the moving company and could not be present. John took the time to ensure that the move was done professionally and right, thus allowing us to focus on our transition without having to fly back to address these issues. Whenever John had any concerns, he would contact us immediately to share these with us and always gave us a frank assessment so that we could make informed decisions. As a result, the sales process was quick and painless on our end. I would highly recommend John Short to anyone is Snohomish County.
Jose J

John Short was an absolute pleasure to work with. I work very long/random hours and John was very understanding to always find a way to meet my schedule. His communication was excellent which allowed me to relax during work, knowing my realtor was keeping me one step ahead, giving me plenty of time to make decisions or submit needed docuements. John has a great personality which helped keep me positive throughout entire experience. He far exceeded all of my home buying expectations as a first time homebuyer. Thanks John!
Justin S

From the sale of our home to the purchase of a new one, it was a pleasure to work with John. He is very personable and easy to get along with. Does everything he can to make an open house whenever you request one, which is critical in this market! I would definitely recommend John to friends and family.
The Marroquin's

John Short went the extra mile to get our house purchase to close on an earlier date than we had originally planned for.
R. Ostler

We had worked with John on buying our first home, and have now sold and bought another house with him as well. John is an energetic driven individual, and one of the most knowledgeable agents you will ever find for the Snohomish County area, especially Lake Stevens. We loved how on-the-ball John always is with every step of the process, always keeping us informed and on track. He listened to all of our concerns and addressed them, giving us personal attention to detail that is hard to come by these days. If you want to ensure that you will FIND and SECURE the home of your dreams, John Short is the realtor that can make it happen!
The Peterson's